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Designer Men Chains

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    Mens Chains: Link Chain In Gold Plating
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    Link Chain In Gold Plating
    colors-voylla-com Mens Chains

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It has always been a controversial or rather tricky issue when it comes to men covering their necks with jewelry. Historically, women are the more active gender when it comes to accessorizing necks but modern times have shown that lines are getting blurred between what was is acceptable for women and men. Youth in India or in any other part of the word are generally more flamboyant with their sense of style and are not afraid to take risks. Also young adults have the ability to carry off what may seem unconventional to most. Keeping that in mind, Voylla has plenty to offer in the department of men's chain with both silver and gold plating. Men's gold chain has always been popular but not everyone has the flair to carry it off. If not worn properly, the same may seem loud and too innocuous but Voylla provides a subtle touch of elegance and grace making sure that their line of jewelries can be worn by anyone. Even the men's silver chain collection reflects the same charm with loads of varieties being offered in terms of design and build quality. The gold chain or rather its proffered name, the viper chain looks smooth and chic maintaining its modern aesthetics at the same time. At 12.61 grams, it is light and comfortable to wear as well while the price quotient remains very much affordable too. The chain could be teamed up with a casual pair of shirt and denims or with semi-formal attire for a party. For those who would rather opt for a more rugged look can go for the sterling silver chain that has oval looks for a more manly appearance. The silver looks neatly polished and can be used for daily wear in contrast to the viper gold chain. Men looking to mix and match with a little different exterior can choose the alternate interlinked gold and silver loop chain that has a comparatively more secure lock as compared to the chains discussed previously. With a length of 22 inches, the mixed combination of sterling silver and gold would go well with most outfits of casual and formal alike. There are more chains, both gold and silver plated that offer the similar kind of secure lock designed with loops and beads depending upon the preference of the user.